Random updates

I get a headache trying to name my entries all the time. Hahhaha. Since you don’t exactly blog about just one thing in a post right?

School is cold as usual and presentation today was shitty (literal + non-literal meaning). I have absolutely no idea why I was so nervous I kept speaking wrongly. Growls. I hate myself for that ): No idea why I fumbled so much when I was perfectly fine for other times. Gahh. I think i probably sound retarded. And the worst thing was I wanted to shit badly before the presentation >.< LOL. I think prob coz that’s my shitting time when I’m at home.

And it’s still extremely cold in the LT that i’m always fretting over what to wear to class. Idiotic and stupid coz I have plenty of clothes to wear if it wasn’t cold at all -_-” And i still can’t make myself wear jeans to school. No idea why I just can’t cross the barrier. Hahahha. I think it’s a psychological problem. I also stupidly wore my Agneselle dress to school, causing me to tremble and shiver in my seat + too overdressed for one lecture and one lab tutorial.

What was I thinking?!! But surprisingly, mum + sis + my friend all commented that I lost weight! Was quite happy by that and I thought it was an illusion caused by the dress coz I’m eating fine and healthy and still junking all the time so I thought my weight was the same. But until just now decided to weigh myself after everybody commented on my weight and my weight actually dropped to 41.5kg from 43/43.5kg!! *Shocked + happiness* Haven been this thin in a while. The last time was prob during sec sch (coz I rapidly gained weight from all the class lunches during JC)? Hahahha.

Haven been this obsessed with my weight for a while but I’m really happy I’m getting thinner! (: I know this sounds crazy, but I think this weight is good and fine for someone so petite like me. I do wish I was taller though to wear pretty clothes. Anw, the whole point is I have no idea how I lost my weight coz I do nothing but sit in front of the com and junk all the time? Maybe coz my junk food supply has depleted to zero (so haven been junking much at night) + I only eat two meal per day (breakfast cum lunch + dinner + some late night snack) causing my weight lost.

This is so shiok coz I still have another month to go before looking for a job so I think my weight shd drop to 41kg if I study more + junk less. Yayys. Happy girl (:


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