Harry Potter!

Currently re-reading harry potter & the hbp! (: One of my fave activity to do before watching the movie, for a refresher on the story. It can really be a good/bad thing coz movies are really too short to include all the details inside. And that’s when you feel the story might be lacking, or if they change/skip parts of the story I don’t really like it! Hahahahah. I think that’s expected of a Harry Potter fan (:

Booked tix to watch the movie on Sunday, 8pm. And that’s the earliest I could get for the week already, if you do not count weekday afternoons coz sis needs to go to school! >.< I didn’t realise people were so kiasu coz I was reading the papers and saw that advance booking was available, so decided to just check it out for fun. But GXMax was like fully booked already! Unless you are interested in taking the first few row seats. The things people do manx, they make me wonder how comfy can it get to crane your neck to watch a movie for 2 and 1/2 hrs?

Anyway, booked gx max coz it’s like the most comfy theatre, seats are wide, space btw rows are super huge also and best of all, the screen is biggggggg! Hhahaha. Nothing beats watching movies comfortably esp when it’s gonna be very long. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to watch the movie (:

Hope it will be good. And I hope I can finish reading the book before then, but might be difficult, with my individual assignment due this weekend, and I haven started on the proj or studying yet!! And it’s already week 4! Gosh. I think special term is waayyyyy too fast man! I need to speed up my actions manx or I’ll be crying next week. LOL.

Should sleep soon and gear up for tomorrow! MUST finish individual assignment by tomorrow and start on proj stuff by friday! And study? And read HBP! Busy as a bee (;


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