I’m addicted to online shopping!!! There’s just too many pretty stuff that I like T_T Or maybe you can say that I have good (and wide) taste! Hhhaahaha. Like mum said…. there will always be pretty clothes everyday, but…. I just can’t resist!! I think I really should start working soon (although I don’t really wanna…..) so that I can feed my spending!!!!!!

Should I get these???!

Am so madly in love with quilted bags!!


Love this top! >.<

Picture 4

Got these today:

I think the colors are vibrant and super pretty (:

Picture 7

Love the color. Gold. Classy. Suitable for work!

Picture 8

These are on backorders…..

Again, love the colors of this dress. Super unique

Picture 9

Black and white bodycon. Suitable for work and pretty!

Picture 5

Chanel inspired cardigan. Love the classy look too! (:

Picture 6

Oh no! I think I’ve spent too much this month! >.<

And finish my individual assignment. It’s only 1/2 written even though there’s only 2 pages ):


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