Interesting things.

HPB tomorrow! Can’t wait!!!!!! But I still haven gone any further in the book except for 2/3 pages? >.< I doubt I will be able to finish reading tonight. Hahhaa.

Was doing my individual assignment just now and went to search for Web 2.0 on Jstor and guess what results they gave me???!

Spiders?!! LOL. I think that was freaking funny. How can a journal resource actually not have articles relating to Web 2.0? That was like super funny and I’m amazed that they actually have articles relating to spiders -_-”

It somehow reminded me of another interesting thing that happened to me this week. Was borrowing a RBR book at central lib on Monday and they actually told me I had unpaid fines??! LOL. I was in total disbelief when the librarian said that coz I haven borrowed books since like yr 2? Hhahaha. It’s amazing if I even borrow books from the lib lor… when everything can be found online. I think maybe my previous RBR book didn’t get scanned properly when I returned it. But luckily the librarian overwrite the data to allow me to borrow the book. I don’t think I’ll be paying the fines then. LOL.

One qn: why does my myanmar neighbour lurveeeeesss techno music that much? Go to the club and listen if you want!! Not at your HDB flat.


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