I think i am suffering from school-induced insomnia! >.<

LOL. It sounds funny, but I have absolutely no idea why I always can’t sleep whenever I have to go to school the next day?! Zzzzz. I feel damn sian diao everytime this happens coz not being able to sleep is a horrible feeling!! Yes extremely horrid. Hate that feeling. And it so does not help when it keeps happening. Wonder if it is like a psychological problem though. But oh no! I feel so old to be suffering from insomnia ):

Have more reasons to be suffering from insomnia with me buying so many clothes. scared they will all arrive at the same time that i have to resort to doing meetups and lying -_-” and my proj!! cant damn use dreamweaver from my lappie. sucks. now i have to go to school just to the website.

*sighh* i should not have volunteered to do the website in the beginning, but then again, she doesn’t know how to do it so i still hafta do it in the end. i am afraid of seeing ugly and shitty work. Hhaahahah. Perfectionistic me yet again but no choice even though I just remembered I can S/U! Hmm.. Haven even started studying yet so maybe can decide to S/U manx. Unless I’m aiming for A to pull up my shitty CAP.

I need to study! And start on my proj. Sianxx~~


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