I’m so tired ): Slept at like 3am yest trying to do up the webbie. Stupid adobe. Hate adobe. Doesn’t allow me to re-install dreamweaver even though I’ve tried like one million times to completely remove adobe cs4 from my com. think they prob did it on purpose?! so tt people will buy their software rather than using pirated stuff. saw the adobe creative suite in co-op selling for only 160+? that’s like damn cheap! wonder if my eyes didn’t fail me. would have bought it if i had the $$ (and if i changing com. ahahahha)

still didn’t mention that i was in school on tues the whole afternoon doing the webbie >.< although it was pretty shiok coz there was aircon and the lab was practically empty except for two other people (whom i saw again when i went back to the lab today after tut). wouldn’t mind gg back to school only if it wasn’t so far. resorted to using sis’s com and downloaded dreamweaver on her com. but the sad thing is i can only use it when she’s home. or when she’s sleeping.

why is this stupid module making me so irritated >.< and i still haven started studying!!!! urggh.

met sis yest (and today also) to shop for OL clothes! hahaha. sis needed pencil skirt for school and I definitely need to stock up on skirts and shirts and blazers for interviews and work! but i think i’m really getting skinner and skinner with each day? can’t find a damn nice shirt/skirt/blazer to wear coz everything was like hugeeeee on me. plus it so does not help when i’m so short >.<

finally managed a few good buys at G2000 though. Sales are good plus the store at bugis didn’t have a lot of ppl compared to the one we went at vivo. it was freaking messy! bought one blazer, and two shirts! one at size 36 and one 34. but the skirts were horrid. super long and SUPER loose even after trying size 34. zzzzzz. i want size 32 can? who have??

at least mum finally decided that she will make skirts for us instead of buying outside. I doubt i can wear size s pencil skirts also. and sis’s pencil skirt was pretty and fitting! i want mine too! but i want niceee materials also.

i think i shd go sleep. was so tired during tutorial today that i was totally stoning and acting anti-social during discussions. LOL. i think the lecturer saw me acting anti-social too. HAHHAA. but he’s a nice person (:

plus today’s weather was perfect for sleeping in but mum made me go to school bcoz she said special sem’s school fees are damn ex and wasted if i don’t go. told tt to juliana and she said “good wad! at least you have one module that you never skip any lessons before”. heard that and i was like yeah! damn true! hahahahah. i’m such a slacker and ponner. wonder how much $$ i’ve wasted just ponning lessons manx. prob a few k? LOL.

ok! i shall maintain the record and go to school for all lessons! only two more lessons to go and exam on friday!


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