The next stage of my life…

my school life officially ended on friday. exam was pretty sucky for one, i was super restless when studying so i doubt i did study much, two the paper was super long, and the mcq questions were looooong and three, open book exams are can be a pretty bad thing coz i spent like alot of time just flipping thru my notes for answers and i think i wasted too much time so i eventually gave up. whew. what a long sentence.

was super glad when exams were over, coz i know i really don’t want to study anymore. i’m glad i decided to forgo honours coz i know i will only be wasting mum’s money and my time, when i have no patience to study anymore. i think my lucky stars are probably gone too… they have been good to me for too long. i thank them sincerely for helping me all the time (:

but the last day i spent in NUS was definitely a horror. spent the rest of the day slogging to finish up the website and hell, why did it take so freaking long???! can’t understand >.< spent like 12 to 7pm non-stop sitting in front of the com trying to do up e webbie and when i went home i still continued until almost 12midnight.

lucky i decided to give up on being a perfectionist at 11.30 and start learning how to upload the website or i think we would have missed the deadline! still had to download a stupid program just to upload all the stuff and it was like a race against time to make it manx. thank god i remembered what jam jam told me; there really isn’t alot of time to allow you to be a perfectionist and i think i shd start being less perfectionist or i’ll really die in everything i do. LOL.

glad everything is over although i’m filled with anticipation and uncertainty as to what i will do in my next stage of life…

i guess this is a phase everyone needs to go through and i pray it will be a smooth journey….

anyway flea at smu was not exactly fantastic >.< will talk about it again if i feel like. lol!


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