Bangkok here I come!!!!

Oops. Haven been blogging lately as I have been lazy >.<

Quite a lot of stuff happened, one of which made me freaking angry was the stupid Timbre incident which I will prob blog about another time…. And the next best thing that ever happened is I’m finally going to BKK!!!

BKK is like where I’ve always wanted to go and shop!!! 🙂 Hahhaha. Of course I wanna go Japan, Korea, Europe, US and Taiwan again… but BKK is a place where all Singaporeans shd have gone at least once. LOL. My weird logic. Never mind but I can’t wait to shoppp to my heart’s content and eat yummy food (which btw, my stomach is grumbling now….)!!

Hyper and happy. Still haven finished planning the itinerary though. And i pray that it doesn’t rain!! The weather forecast is pretty gloomy. Boo.

BKK this thursday night to tuesday night! Shopping here I come!!!! Although I’ve still got parcels coming in from BOs. Oh man, this is pretty bad. I need to stop shopping when I’m back from bkk. So I must shop to my heart’s content when I’m in bkk!!! hahahha.


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