Bangkok blues…..

the second day since I’m back from BKK and i’m feeling the blues of shopping, eating and basically not doing anything/thinking anything and having fun. boo. i wanna travel again!!!!

feeling so tired everyday. why? my eyes are about to close as i’m blogging this. i think it’s really the blues… or maybe coz i used too much energy in bkk walking like almost from the moment i wake up to till i sleep and being sleep deprived also, that’s why i’m so sleepy ): think i need more time to adjust back to my life.

traveling is so fun!! i think i shd spend less $$ buying clothes here and save the $$ for traveling instead. i wanna go taiwan and eat yummy food again!!!!!

bkk was fun. love shopping and absolutely love chatuchak. didn’t buy a lot of clothes though. i’m quite surprised by myself as well. lol. i think i’m over the casual and fashionable clothes phase and looking for more wearable clothes instead! but i love my shoes and bags. i have a crazy obsession for chanel-inspired quilted bags.

more next time until i’ve picked up my momentum and back with pics (:


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