I’m addicted to online shopping!!! There’s just too many pretty stuff that I like T_T Or maybe you can say that I have good (and wide) taste! Hhhaahaha. Like mum said…. there will always be pretty clothes everyday, but…. I just can’t resist!! I think I really should start working soon (although I don’t really wanna…..) so that I can feed my spending!!!!!!

Should I get these???!

Am so madly in love with quilted bags!!


Love this top! >.<

Picture 4

Got these today:

I think the colors are vibrant and super pretty (:

Picture 7

Love the color. Gold. Classy. Suitable for work!

Picture 8

These are on backorders…..

Again, love the colors of this dress. Super unique

Picture 9

Black and white bodycon. Suitable for work and pretty!

Picture 5

Chanel inspired cardigan. Love the classy look too! (:

Picture 6

Oh no! I think I’ve spent too much this month! >.<

And finish my individual assignment. It’s only 1/2 written even though there’s only 2 pages ):


Harry Potter!

Currently re-reading harry potter & the hbp! (: One of my fave activity to do before watching the movie, for a refresher on the story. It can really be a good/bad thing coz movies are really too short to include all the details inside. And that’s when you feel the story might be lacking, or if they change/skip parts of the story I don’t really like it! Hahahahah. I think that’s expected of a Harry Potter fan (:

Booked tix to watch the movie on Sunday, 8pm. And that’s the earliest I could get for the week already, if you do not count weekday afternoons coz sis needs to go to school! >.< I didn’t realise people were so kiasu coz I was reading the papers and saw that advance booking was available, so decided to just check it out for fun. But GXMax was like fully booked already! Unless you are interested in taking the first few row seats. The things people do manx, they make me wonder how comfy can it get to crane your neck to watch a movie for 2 and 1/2 hrs?

Anyway, booked gx max coz it’s like the most comfy theatre, seats are wide, space btw rows are super huge also and best of all, the screen is biggggggg! Hhahaha. Nothing beats watching movies comfortably esp when it’s gonna be very long. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to watch the movie (:

Hope it will be good. And I hope I can finish reading the book before then, but might be difficult, with my individual assignment due this weekend, and I haven started on the proj or studying yet!! And it’s already week 4! Gosh. I think special term is waayyyyy too fast man! I need to speed up my actions manx or I’ll be crying next week. LOL.

Should sleep soon and gear up for tomorrow! MUST finish individual assignment by tomorrow and start on proj stuff by friday! And study? And read HBP! Busy as a bee (;

Random updates

I get a headache trying to name my entries all the time. Hahhaha. Since you don’t exactly blog about just one thing in a post right?

School is cold as usual and presentation today was shitty (literal + non-literal meaning). I have absolutely no idea why I was so nervous I kept speaking wrongly. Growls. I hate myself for that ): No idea why I fumbled so much when I was perfectly fine for other times. Gahh. I think i probably sound retarded. And the worst thing was I wanted to shit badly before the presentation >.< LOL. I think prob coz that’s my shitting time when I’m at home.

And it’s still extremely cold in the LT that i’m always fretting over what to wear to class. Idiotic and stupid coz I have plenty of clothes to wear if it wasn’t cold at all -_-” And i still can’t make myself wear jeans to school. No idea why I just can’t cross the barrier. Hahahha. I think it’s a psychological problem. I also stupidly wore my Agneselle dress to school, causing me to tremble and shiver in my seat + too overdressed for one lecture and one lab tutorial.

What was I thinking?!! But surprisingly, mum + sis + my friend all commented that I lost weight! Was quite happy by that and I thought it was an illusion caused by the dress coz I’m eating fine and healthy and still junking all the time so I thought my weight was the same. But until just now decided to weigh myself after everybody commented on my weight and my weight actually dropped to 41.5kg from 43/43.5kg!! *Shocked + happiness* Haven been this thin in a while. The last time was prob during sec sch (coz I rapidly gained weight from all the class lunches during JC)? Hahahha.

Haven been this obsessed with my weight for a while but I’m really happy I’m getting thinner! (: I know this sounds crazy, but I think this weight is good and fine for someone so petite like me. I do wish I was taller though to wear pretty clothes. Anw, the whole point is I have no idea how I lost my weight coz I do nothing but sit in front of the com and junk all the time? Maybe coz my junk food supply has depleted to zero (so haven been junking much at night) + I only eat two meal per day (breakfast cum lunch + dinner + some late night snack) causing my weight lost.

This is so shiok coz I still have another month to go before looking for a job so I think my weight shd drop to 41kg if I study more + junk less. Yayys. Happy girl (:


It’s been a busy week. well sorta, with the photoshoot + editing, it took me like two whole days! like wtf right? i have absolutely no idea why it takes such a freaking long time to do up everything also…. but everytime it takes a real long time. grrrs. i realised i really don’t have a flair for taking photos with my face. LOL. i look so stiff and unnatural. Hahaha. That’s why I’m not a fan of cam-whoring. Look ugly. Bleahh. We shd really get someone else to model our stuff >.<

Anyway, special term is sure busy! 6 weeks is really too short and too fast for a slacker like me -_-” I don’t even have time to slack and I’m like rushing school stuff all the time! Plus it’s already week three and i still haven printed any of my notes or looked thru anything. And can you imagine? I’ll be having my exams in week 6….. I think i’m so dead! I still cant tell for nuts what are all the computer terms.. and they all stare back at me when i stare at them during lectures… and somehow i’ll start drifting into my own thoughts again. Hhahaha. Especially stoned coz it’s freaking cold, cant understand all the geek terms, super sleepy from being sleep deprived…..

I need to start studying soon! And prepare for wed’s presentation.

Move slacker!!

Freak the weather

The whole of wednesday was spent shivering in my cardi. LOL. School LT was freaking cold, I think I could have froze to death there. Mental note to myself: WEAR LEGGINGS OR JEANS TO SCHOOL!!! Coz I really can’t stand it. It’s way too cold!!

Watched I Love You, Man. Was pretty crude but funny, but the movie was not bad (if wanna compare with land of the lost…..) Ate dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe and I think I’m starting to get sick of HK food coz there’s really nothing much fantastic besides peanut butter toast. We ate too much popcorn during the movie (large) and I think that’s why we weren’t hungry during dinner and wasted like super alot of food! I only ate prob 1/5 of my baked spaghetti, which really wasn’t very nice to begin with.

Chatted for a while, shopped some stuff and went to chill again. No photos for the night. I think we are kinda accustomed to doing this already. Meant to be a bdae celebration but was so not like it? Except for getting prezzies.

Yesterday was out at Chinatown with mum and sis to source for new designs and fabrics. Love the milk tea, guo tie, sugarcane juice and yong tao foo at Chinatown! It’s like a routine whenever we go there. Hahhaaha. Looking forward to new designs of clothes and skirts (:

Random Updates

it seems like i’ve been out for a long time coz i totally can’t remember what i did the past few days! LOL. ok i did remember after some time. Hhahaha.

Was at Yvonne’s house for dinner on saturday night. Only went coz she said she was treating us to pizza! I have no idea why we ended up eating KFC coz I don’t really like KFC. Super oily plus I don’t eat skin, so kinda no point… plus their skin is always like super oily and full of fats. Watched TV and lazed around for a while. Was pretty boring coz there was nothing on cable tv and we ended up watching zhuan shi ye zong hui which I totally dislike! And why watch that on tv when there’s cable tv? Makes no sense.

Sunday was spent shopping with my beloved sis (: Hhahaa. Well we are always out together. Went FEP and saw the shop which we were supposed to be participating in actually. But it was quite a disappointment and rather different from what I expected, but Hanice said biz was pretty good after I finally decided to talk to her on Monday. Shop was pretty small and cramped with too many clothes! I think online clothes really look much nicer with all the editing and pretty girls modeling. Hhahaah.

FEP is really boring nowadays when you can simply shop online coz 3/4 of the clothes are like the same, only more ex? Or either that the clothes are nice but super ex! I only buy expensive clothing from branded shops like F21 and Topshop. LOL.

Went to Mango sale and bought a simple ruffled silk cami in deep sea green! Love the colour. It’s mature looking and love the material too (: Wanted to buy pants also coz it was like super cheap but I tried on all size 36 and realised the size was too big on me! Was too lazy to try on again the second time.

Then we went to bugis to meet parents for dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. No cam so no pics, only snapped a few shots of the food using my phone cam. It didn’t feel like a father’s day celebration though. I feel kinda bad now coz we didn’t even want to have dinner with them in the first place. Shd get daddy a gift man, or maybe cake, along with my bdae. Kinda feel like taking a family photo also. We don’t even have one except from like those many years back.

Yesterday was shopping with my shopaholic twin. Haven been out with her for a super long time! And we chatted and shopped a lot, kinda reminded me of the past when we used to be together like most of the time. I guess I kinda missed her company for the longest time.

Bought my Miss Selfridge quilted bucket bag, meant to be a bdae prezzie from my girls. Love it!! Super pretty but it cost a freaking 63 bucks. Lucky for bdae prezzies (:Picture 3

Also bought another off shoulder striped top from Mango and watched Land of the Lost too but it was totally like shit? Besides being funny, it was lame and dumb and had no storyline. Totally wasted my $$! Shd have watched Ghosts of girlfriends’ past or I love you, man >.< Shopped at FEP yet again, and no new buys. There’s really nothing to buy there manx.

Boring entry but i wanted to show my bag (:

I Heart Topshop!

Went out today to get fabric for one of the laptop sleeve as the fabric was dirty and daddy didn’t realise it when he cut the fabric. Walked from bugis to arab street and the weather is really just H.O.T! Was totally sweaty and sticky when I reached there.

The shop gladly exchanged the item for me, but I was pretty surprised the person actually remembered me! LOL. Maybe coz the previous time I took a super long time to choose the fabrics plus he sure had a good impression of me while I complained about how hot it was, which I did the same thing when I was there today. Hhahaha. I still koped the remaining fabric back coz we still can use it for small pouches, so it was practically like getting 1/2 m of fabric free (:

Anyway, after which shopped for a while and I finally got my Topshop card! It was my silent birthday wish. Hhahaha. Bought a bag, lace dress and undies!

Picture 2

My 89 bucks bag? Pretty and love the colour. Goes well with everything. Their pic is pretty ugly though.

Picture 1

Absolutely heart this dress! Although i love the grey version more coz it’s real special. But the grey version is like sold old? Super pretty piece but sheer (although the grey one wasn’t so it’s really quite a pity). Zzzzz. I need to wear petticoat coz I don’t dare to wear out like that! Also opted UK 10 coz didn’t want it to be so tight. Bodycon is still not for me, although the UK 8 one looks fab (even the sales assistant said it too. LOL)!

Picture 3And my cute undies! Hahahha. Got it coz there was a 10% disc if using mastercard so had to grab an undie before I could qualify for the card, but this is way cute! And I love this design/cut of undies too. Super comfy 🙂

Best of all is of coz, my Topshop card! Yayyys! Love it, although I sure spent like a bomb there. I need to work! and save money! And stop buying AE clothes. Gawd.. I’m a super sucker for their clothes >.< Still wanna get a Chanel inspired bag which I saw at Raffles City though, or maybe the Charles n Keith bag. Lucky sis still owes me a bdae gift (;